Category: Flannel Drawings


Bideford Black and hair dye on flannel

Grandma’s Plait

Grandma’s Plait, 2020, mixed media and plaster and acrylic hair on linen

triangles on plaster

Ink and plaster on flannel 2021

Dark Shoe

Dark Shoe, 2021, Ink and Bideford Black on plaster on flannel


Shoe, 2021, Marker pen on plaster on flannel


Flannels at_the-garage, residency with Emma Gregory and Henny Burnett 2020

Bideford Black on flannel, 2021

Bideford Black and ink on flannels 2020

Untitled, Bideford Black and plaster on flannels 2020

BB and Acrylic on flannels 2020

Bideford Black and Acrylic on Flannels 2020

Untitled, BB on Flannels 2020

Untitled, Bideford Black on Flannels 2020